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The World Just Got Smaller - Social Language Chat App 'Hello Pal' Launched

Hong Kong – 11th May 2015 – Hello Pal International Inc. (“HPI”), an international company specializing in education and language learning, recently launched its first Android app, Hello Pal.

Hello Pal is a first of its kind social language learning app that allows users to easily find and talk to other people all over the world, in completely foreign languages, and within minutes.

Using Hello Pal’s unique combination of phrasebooks and translation tools integrated into its chat messaging system, language is no longer an obstacle to people all over the world communicating with each other, regardless of what language they speak.

“One of our missions is to remove the language barrier between people that has existed through the centuries, therefore letting people understand each other better and bringing the world closer together,” said KL Wong, founder of Hello Pal.

Once downloaded, Hello Pal allows users to use its filtering and matching abilities to find people they are interested in talking to, based on criteria such as nationality, native language, and location. With the help of phrasebooks designed specifically for online chatting, users simply have to choose a phrase, listen to the professionally-recorded guide audio, record the phrase with their own voice, and send it to their chat partner.

Hello Pal is based on the principle that the best way to learn a language is where speaking comes first, and learning comes second. Whereas traditional methods of language learning require a person to first spend time learning language rules and memorizing vocabulary before actually using the language with others, Hello Pal encourages users to learn and speak, “on the go.”

One key difference between Hello Pal and other language learning apps is that the emphasis of the app is more about making new friends than it is about learning new languages. However, Wong believes that ironically, this makes Hello Pal a more effective language learning tool. “Most people will agree that the key to success in learning a language is where we persist at it and not give up,” he said. “Hello Pal gives users a strong motivation to persist – being able to have fun socializing with others. It’s just that in our case, the socializing is done in a foreign language.”

Hello Pal is currently released for Android on Google Play as well as all major app stores in China, with the iOS version (currently in beta) launching soon.

Users can download this free app from the Google Play Store:

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About Hello Pal International Inc.

Hello Pal International Inc. (“HPI”) comprises an international team of people based in Hong Kong, China, Ukraine, and the US, and is a sister company to BrillKids Inc., creator of the multiple award-winning early childhood education programs such as Little Reader.

About the Founder

Hello Pal is the brainchild of KL Wong, who currently resides in Hangzhou, China. A truly ‘international’ person, KL was born in Malaysia, studied and worked in the UK for 10 years, and worked in Hong Kong for 16 years before relocating to China. He graduated with a law degree from Cambridge University and has worked in the legal, business and finance sectors before starting his own business with BrillKids in the field of education. He is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, and has a working knowledge of French and Malay. He is currently learning Japanese and Korean.

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+1 (707) 336-2088
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